Using Research to Draw Mentees

Letting Potential Mentees Know Your Ability to Help

Often the most effective recruiting and retention comes after effective research. Effective research is one of the most important parts of a mentoring organization. Many people enter into such a group hoping to change the world and even come in with the appropriate training and experience. These sorts of positive roles can be especially effective when paired with the right young people. However, finding the right young people can be a bit of a challenge, especially for a new group.

Research can be vital to building up the knowledge to get such a clientele. This can be seen in recently released information, including The Mentoring Effect. Furthermore, the information can be included with recently released information that shows the sheer improvement that many mentees show when they are involved in such projects.

Partnering with other groups can be especially helpful. When working with groups that specialize in helping youth or minorities, their years of experience can help you determine how best to proceed. If these groups are based in your geographical area, you should be able to use their demographic and membership data to build your plans. This can also be used to see if any of these groups have students that need additional mentoring with your group. Building a symbiotic relationship can be one of the most helpful things that you can accomplish.

Additionally, when young people are considering such a role, it is important to assure them of your group's efficacy. Inform them about your group's code of ethics and policies on confidentiality. Being able to have them work one on one with your mentors will show your commitment. Once a student starts to show improvement they are statistically more likely to return for more assistance. Research has also shown that the more well-structured a group is, the higher the average of retention is.

If your group is able to use effective community outreach in conjunction with such tactics, the easier your goals become. Having a well-crafted website, local engagement, and the ability to consistently help your region will increase your credibility and profile. Time after time, corporate leaders look for young people that have been on either side of the mentoring experience.

All of this takes place after effective leadership. Your role in the mentoring organization can be an especially important one the higher up the chain you are. Remember to use these tactics to assist your group and the young people it was founded to help.