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Quality Mentoring

Below are some specialized resources that can help you approach the field of mentoring and the ability to craft and upkeep an effective organization. Below are some studies and experiences that are able to assist. These resources are just a portion of the total that have enabled our organization to work with others and create opportunities for both young and old to get involved. If you have any suggestions on any other sources you'd like added, please make sure to let us know.

- The Blackwell Handbook of Mentoring: A Multiple Perspectives Approach-- a series of field experiences and studies organized to help those aiding youth in need.

- From the UK's University of Leicester, watch how the interaction between mentors and students affect development:

- From the Journal of Primary Prevention: Youth Mentoring: New Areas for Research by Melissa F. Peskin. This explores many of the areas that could shape the field for years to come. Useful reading in a smaller format.

- A TED Talk from Sonny Lee about how mentoring makes such a profound difference:

- The book Issues in Mentoring edited by Trevor Kerry and Ann Shelton Mayes.

- A recent Chicago Tribune case study on the importance of summer jobs and mentoring on the city's youth. In one part it cites: Giving a kid his or her first job "is huge," agreed Aurora Township Director of Youth Services Scot Thurman, not only because "it gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment, it provides a jump start into the workforce."

Many of these resources allow the reader to take these differing experiences and determining the helpful overlaps and areas of expertise paved by those before them. There are many commonalities that can be utilized effectively in many different aspects of mentoring, whether it be in a rural or urban setting.