Delaware Mentoring Committee


There are many reasons to get involved in the Delaware Mentoring Community. Our assistance to youth has helped many already and has the potential to make the difference in many other lives. There are many, many other children still in need of direct assistance that could be missed without the help that our organization and many other similar ones offer. The expenses that are needed to keep many organizations running are not always covered by grants and unfortunately require a significant investment from those from the community.

Just remember if you're reading this site right now-- if not you, then who? There are many that aim to assist but wind up getting too busy in their own life or spend their money on splurge items rather than helping these young people in need. There can be many facets of helping-- from getting involved directly through mentoring, through spreading information about the DMC around the state and region, to helping with research that can advance the field of mentoring. There are many aspects that can be funded with your donation, all of which will help young people grow.

One immediate way for people to get involved is by donating. Even several dollars can help sustain an activity for young people that may not have a chance to experience much outside of the home or school. Larger donations can assist in the operation of the DMC and the continual need for media exposure and organizing projects for young people. Other projects, including mentor training can take up significant amounts of money and effort.

This is your chance to assist. We're happy to work with you and help those that cannot help themselves. Please consider helping us in our goal to help out our youth. We're counting on your help in continuing our work.

To donate, please visit the Delaware Community Foundation.

Thank you!