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Delaware Mentoring Committee

About the Delaware Mentoring Community

The Delaware Mentoring Community assists at-risk youths through a combination of different efforts. With the use of both private and public funding, the group is largely sustainable and allows a greater leverage of cash for direct use. Furthermore, its army of volunteers have been able to assist many youths while building character on both sides. We have centered in Delaware in order to aid many in and around the region. The DMC is a supporter of President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative and aims to assist those in urban communities. We understand the fragility of life in many cities and wishes to help those in the most need. In addition, we've partnered to help youths in both rural and suburban environments. We aim to help students that want to get involved in farming and hiking organizations. We encourage young people to get involved in groups such as the Future Farmers of America, or the FFA. There are many groups that we are open to working with.

Top Goals

  • Assist youth in need
  • Create a responsible and continuing organization that can help many over a long period
  • Work with other organizations to enhance efforts

  • Top Strategies

  • Working with municipalities and state agencies to create grant opportunities
  • Studying and partnering with other mentoring groups to determine best practices
  • Working with major corporate partners and media companies to increase exposure and awareness
  • Participate in and assist in studies that further the field of mentoring

  • There are many ways to get involved in the DMC and help those in the most need. We offer many different avenues to get involved and hope to see you here soon. Feel free to contact us 24/7 with any questions, suggestions, or offers to assist. We are working to assist as many youths as possible and with the many volunteers we have here we can make it happen!

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