Delaware Mentoring Committee

Corporate Partnerships

There are many ways for companies to get involved in the mentoring of our youth. There's no size restriction, meaning that young people can be assisted by companies big and small. Small mom and pop stores are welcome to become part of our program and introduce the basics of the market and hard work to our mentees. Furthermore, larger companies are able to assist in many ways with the project, including with corporate mentorships or with members of the staff helping during volunteer days or activities.

There are many reasons that such a partnership can assist a company and its employees. Some are obvious and others work in a long term, assisting everyone that gets involved in the project.

Helping the Company

- Building perspective for employees with young people of many backgrounds
- Building and reinforcing the ideas of teamwork with each other and other partners
- Some of your mentees may be interested in joining the company after your help
- Improving company and employee morale

Helping Employees

- Sense of self satisfaction in helping those in need
- Great teamwork with other mentors and your co-workers
- Building self confidence and skills

Helping Youth in Need

- Making sure that young people learn new skills
- Being a good role model for those that might not have one
- Improved academic performance
- Improved self esteem

Altogether, each one of these reasons is a great chance for you and your company to get involved with your community and those that need help. Each onbe of these reasons is a great chance for you to create connections that could last a lifetime. It's a great chance for your company to gain exposure while also assisting in the lives of many when they may need it the most.

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