Delaware Mentoring Committee

Useful Resources

The Delaware Mentoring Committee assists with many projects across communities and with leaders to assist our youth in their ascent into adulthood. It's only with these dedicated partners can we make our project work. See below for resources that can assist you in your path to assisting those in need.

For mentors and potential mentors:

Read our list of informative articles regarding how to properly build and sustain a mentoring organization. These take in our experience in the field and knowledge of the ever-changing means of helping youth.

  • Effects of Building an Effective Mentoring Organization
  • Utilizing Research in the Best Ways Possible
  • Building Effective Community Relations
  • Building the Most Effective Team
  • Ensuring Consistent Operations

  • - Mentor in the legal field, California attorney Michael Ehline. Michael has been a prominent supporter of mentoring activities in California and beyond. He earned his place in the courtroom by reading the law, in the manner of Abraham Lincoln. His work with youth and expertise in tort law has been invaluable to our operations.

    - A guide for new mentors by the NWREL National Mentoring Center will be able to assist in determing how to properly assist helping youth.

    - Read about the "Mentoring Effect" from the National Mentoring Partnership and how much such positive reinforcement assists at a critical juncture in a young person's life.

    - Forbes Magazine's reasons that a person should become a mentor.

    How mentoring organizations work:

    - The National Mentoring Partnership's site offers significant resources on the administration of such an organization and how it can be best directed to assist youth.

    - You can read about many of the successful strategies of setting up a mentoring organization from experience. The National Mentoring Center offers example son their website, including how to motivate individuals, how to work with schools, evaluation resources, and much more!

    - The Corporation for National and Community Service's site, which includes many different branches to assist communities in need and youth.

    - The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring is offers many examples of mentoring in action and its practical effects on both those organizing the groups and those helped.

    - The Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring for more resources.

    - New York City's guidance on how to become an effective mentor.

    - MentorCore software helps to catalog and organize mentoring activities and make them more effective.

    - The National Mentoring Month happens every January and is a great chance to give back.

    - The Foundation Center's Public/Private Ventures Research Collection to use hundreds of research reports, studies, and others regarding youth and mentoring.

    - Portland State's Center for Interdisciplinary Mentoring Research is one of the country's finest examples.

    - Find site allows users to determine how best to assist these at-risk youths with resources at their fingertips.

    - Delaware Grantmakers were formed to offer grants for different projects in Delaware, especially to help those at risk.
    - The Foundation Center allows users to determine if they can get grant funding.

    For companies:

    - The Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education explains how mentoring helps both communities and business.

    - The Corporate Mentoring Challenge is a major initiative to assist those that could be vulnerable to dropping out of school.

    - CBS News's report on the effects of mentoring older students.

    -'s list of potential funding sources.