Delaware Mentoring Committee

How to Spread Awareness

Tell us your story

Since our organization is aiming to help as many people as possible, it is important that many people understand the importance of mentoring and its effects. There are many ways to get involved, and one of them includes making sure that the public knows more about our program. The Delaware Mentoring Committee has partnered with many companies and organizations to ensure that publicity is spread to at-risk youth. Our work is never ending, so any assistance to help get the word out will help not only our operations but anyone that is in need of our guidance. We aim to let the public know about our activities and make sure that they know how they can help.

There are many different aspects of publicity to make sure that we can increase our effectiveness. We understand the many different facets of our outreach programs to consider:

  • Making sure that as many youths know about our program so they can sign up to become a mentee as needed

  • Ensuring that as many potential corporate partners know about how they can get involved

  • Working to raise awareness with other groups so that we can work with them on current and future projects

  • Increasing general awareness about mentoring and how people in the general public can help

  • Increasing our profile so that others can agree to become mentors or other partners

  • You can also contact your elected officials to express your support of our program and create an increased partnership. Feel free to contact Governor Jack Markell directly and let him know about the DMC's hard work and participation. Feel free to contat your local officials and see how they can best work with the DMC and related organizations. Please help us spread the word-- you may wish to help but this is the only way you have the time for. We appreciate any and all help we can get.

    Your efforts help ensure our leaders understand the value of youth mentoring. Thank you!