Delaware Mentoring Committee

Ensuring a Quality Program

When assisting at-risk youth, the need for the highest quality program is second to none. Many of those that have difficulty in their lives often need the assurance that any program they get involved with will be done with the strictest quality controls in place. There are many programs that mentor youth and assist those in need, but to make sure that they are properly taken care of, there are certain safeguards put in place for the Delaware Mentoring Community.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of research for youth in need of guidance. We are able to borrow from and build upon many ideas of other current and past efforts. There are many good ideas to be had in the hundreds of programs in place across the country. The Journal of Adolescent Research recently released a study determining some of the common reasons that youth mentoring programs fail. These include disinterest from the mentee, inability for the mentor to continue their work, and other factors. We have used such research to prevent similar issues from affecting those that decide to work with the DMC.

On the other pages of our site, you can read about how we built up a program of peer study and review that allows for our efforts to succeed. We've been able to work with examples from other agencies with similar goals to learn from their successes and failures and determine how these could be utilized for our youth and mentors. We are able to use our own data to assist other groups that wish to partner with us and offer similar programs.

We have been able to work with the wider community to spread word of the DMC's work and how it could be expanded to assist even more at-risk youth. We work with the parents of these children to attempt to bridge the gap between family life and mentoring services. We understand that nothing can truly replace a solid foundation in a home life. We can use these resources to enhance our already solid efforts.

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