The Effects of Building an Effective Mentoring Organization

Prioritizing Results to Assist Young People

The effects of mentoring can be seen through concerted action by helpful and dedicated individuals. Building an organization in order to mentor young people can be a challenge. The amount of work and perseverance needed in order to create a sustainable structure. Such a method of meeting the test of time is often the single most difficult part of creating such a group. Often the initial zeal for helping others can set up an effective group that declines over time.

This can be seen when originally putting together the organization. It is important to remember that many people wish to have leadership roles, even in places where they not be appropriate. Weigh each individual's experience and level of dedication in order to see how it will build over time. Furthermore, make sure that there are no conflicts of interest involved and see how their life experience can best help them one-on-one with mentees.

Seek those that have the most training and experience possible. Furthermore, being able to determine the roles that the different members have played with other groups can be vital. Determine who would like to spend their time 'in the field,' helping young people directly and who should spend most of their time in the office or speaking to the media.

Establish clear lines of communication. Determine which part of the group will be responsible for which tasks and who would be in charge of each. Make sure that you don't have the 'too many cooks' issue that many organizations fall upon. In some cases, it helps to have every member of the team have at least some experience in various fields in case they need to step into a role temporarily, to build teamwork, or to foster new skills. All of this experience can come back to the group and hasten cooperation.

When your team is initially set up, you will notice different strengths and weaknesses among the team members. Being able to lessen the negatives while strengthening the positives is important in any group. This is especially in the case when working in an organization that deals with young people. Potential mentees and grant organizations can pick up on any dysfunction quickly.

All of these are just a part of the process of building up a successful and effective organization. Read our other articles on successful techniques for more information.