How to Build the Most Effective Team

Seeking and Retaining Mentors

The people involved in your group is what makes it succeed or fail. The effectiveness of any group is predicated on the quality of its members. If your organization is staffed with the most dedicated, best trained individuals, you will be much more likely to get quality mentoring to young people. Since the overarching goal of being able to help those in need is paramount, you should take extra care when determining who will join your cause.

Many people may apply to assist your mentoring group, but only some will be effective in helping. This can be the case when people do not have enough experience to effectively handle a case load or others do not have the trianing meant to be involved in public relations or with young people. Furthermore, others may have backgrounds that are not conducive to your operations.

The Importance of Background Checks and a Subject's Past

No matter how determined a person may seem when they apply to join your group, you should always check on their background before allow them in. There are several ways that you can find out about their histories, especially through background checks. This can be done in several ways. Your local Sheriff's Department should be able to offer a free background check. Your state's sex offender list and the FBI background check tool is most effective. Furtermore, if the potential employee or volunteer will be operating a motor vehicle, you can also get a driving manifest from the DMV. Altogether, there are many resources that you need to make sure that you check before you have the person in question get involved.

Not only this, but you should ask for as much information as possible. Take special note of the person's body language in interviews and interactions. Follow up on references in resumes and past employers and schools. See how well this experience pairs with your overall goals and which part of your team you can be utilize them in.

You can never be too sure about the people you put into contact with young people. The last thing that you want to happen is to include a child predator or violent offender in your ranks. Sometimes there is just a feeling that people on a staff feel about an applicant that is borne out. It is definitely better safe than sorry.

All of these steps and other checks your group has in place can ensure that your team is the best it can be. Only your watchful eyes can make sure that you have all the tools in place needed to help as many people as possible.