Ensuring Consistent Operations

Quality over Time

The more work you put into a well-run group the better it will stand up over time. When a mentoring organization is formed, all of the parties involved agree that the utmost goal is to help young people build their lives. All of these committed individuals have shown in one way or another their ability to help others. The initial spurt of energy can be incredible and lead to the rapid growth of the group and its effectiveness. In working with other groups, the wider communities, and the mentees, this burst can lead to incredible things.

However, this first period can often lead to a time of decline. With some of the initial members leaving or with changes in membership, the organization can see diminished effectiveness. This is a common incident to many ground-up organizations and should be avoided as much as possible. With the correct steps, the chance of such an event occuring can be reduced. Special care must be taken in every step.

There is no silver bullet to avoid stasis in groups. However, there can be various techniques that lessen the chances of this occurring.

Regular training can help ensure uniformity among your staff. Having training involving leadership, effective tactics, and public relations can aid your volunteers and employees to have the same goal and similar ways to get there. The more the value of teamwork can be reinforced, the higher job satisfaction your employees will feel, reducing the chances of them leaving prematurely.

A well-constructed chain of command will also help reduce confusion. Having a board of directors with the best interest of your group at heart and a commitment to stay long term can increase stability. In addition, due to their long term role, they will have extra incentive to reduce risk and pick only the finest candidates to join your organization and in managing the budget.

Oversight is Needed at Every Level

It is important in a group that handles money and cares for young people that the utmost care is taken in transparency. Having regular audits by different sections of your organization, and in some cases a third party can increase accountability. Such auditing processes should take place at most once a year, if not much sooner. Regular performance checks on every individual involved can also assist. Make sure that at least two other members are on a committee to review their performance and professionalism.

Lastly, when dealing with the public it is necessary to remember the role of your group's charter. Having a document that can stand the test of time and intended to be followed for years while also being flexible enough to adapt with the time can further solidify your position. Making sure that too much power doesn't flow to just one person can also increase proper oversight and competence.