Delaware Mentoring Committee

When Mentors Abuse Their Power

What good can you expect from a society where the appointed mentors of our kids, protectors of honor, law and morals become the hunters themselves. Police are often the center of criticism in almost all the countries of the world for exploiting law, misbehaving with convicted people and going out of the boundaries of the law for personal gains.

However, bad people are everywhere and that’s why only one department is not to be blamed. Something atrocious took place in China in 2011 and 2012 when a teacher wearing a mask of innocence took advantage of more than 2 dozen young girls. Li Jishun is the name of the person in the story who ran a boarding school. The school is located in a village and that’s the first indication of things going wrong.

 Readers must note here that the condition of education is not very good in the villages of China despite the fact that cities boast some great standards of education. Li Jishun who was taking care of the boarding school had the responsibility on him for teaching students. The students he was teaching and taking care of were very young. Some of his victims are only 4 years of age. In the dorms and classrooms, Li Jishun left no place to take out the evil in him and destroy the futures of the young lives he was supposed to take care of. Parents would leave their little children to him so he would teach them and make them good girls.

All he could do was molested them one by one. He molested and raped 26 students. Not a single student he took advantage of was above the age of 12. The parents could never know what was going on behind their backs since they were in cities when all of this was happening. It was intermediate People’s Court that took the decision of executing him for his act. This particular decision given by the court had also been supported by Supreme Court of the country for people.

All of his acts were committed in one year between 2011 and 2012. An important thing to note here is that Li Jishun did not commit rape and molestation only 26 times. He actually committed these sins several times by repeating his acts with the same students whenever he could. As a teacher he kept his students under his pressure to stay quiet and they never spoke up about the emotional and physical personal injuries.

These are the children of parents who live in village and have to leave their homes and go in cities to find jobs that are good enough to feed their families. The children are left behind, and if not left under someone’s supervision these children can become mentally disturbed. To avoid this, the parents would often leave the children with their grandparents or find a school with dorm in the village where their children could spend the day or months without coming home under the supervision of teachers.

Execution of Li Jishun should not only be a lesson for other such criminals but also the government do finally pay attention to standards of education in villages. So although there are many great teachers, and even more great mentors, the position of superior trust and advantage is easily abused. Parents must ultimately monitor their children and demand transparency, regardless of whether a child is abused in Los Angeles, California, or Delaware, or China, or anywhere for that matter.